What Meditation Really Is

What Meditation Really Is

Meditation is one of them weird subjects which can get you some weird looks from your friends who imagine you chanting alone in your bedroom. But meditation doesn't need to be a spiritual mantra filled, hippie-only pursuit. Your meditation can be your own from traditional meditation to simply taking some time away from everyone and everything to clear your mind.

Meditation is touted by experts to be a fantastic tonic to lifes stresses and strains with scientific proof of its positive benefits on the brain and on longevity. But how often do you hear it? "It's too hard, I don't know how, I feel silly." This is exactly how I felt until when travelling around Asia I decided to learn to meditate!

Three days later and I realised I had been meditating for years - I just didn't know it! The course I attended isolated a small group of us in the mountains where our Buddhist Monk guide explained to us not only the traditional meditation practices including chanting, sitting cross legged for long periods, and minor physical suffering but also how meditation was much more than this, it could be done anywhere, anytime, and however you see fit. I left feeling empowered no longer thinking I needed to go full hippie to give myself the mental and physical benefits of a regular meditation practice. By all means if this is you then I take my hat off to you but for those who are not sure if meditation is for them I suggest viewing meditation differently.

From now on if you feel like life is getting a bit hectic or you are becoming overwhelmed instead of stressing yourself out further with mantras, candles, and crystals just take some time away. No phone, no people, nothing. This in its essence is meditation! Have you ever:

  • Sat alone in a quiet room

  • read a book alone

  • Gone for a walk in nature

  • Sat by the sea and listened to the waves

Of course you have! And these are all forms of meditation without realising it, you leave feeling relaxed, cleansed, and refreshed. To get even more from these important 'me' times try monitoring your breath and watch your worries wash away! 

So that's how I realised meditation was for me, maybe not in the traditional form but in a form that suits me. You can give it a go to because the benefits to the mind and body are proven. Just take yourself away from your usual stressors in any way and you will be meditating! Don't forget to breath.