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531 Strength Training Programme Explained
by Power Body Mind Team
Are you looking for a simple strength programme which gets results? The 531 strength training programme created by Jim Wendler is as simple as it gets and highly modifiable for those with slightly... Read More
A Quick Guide to Post Natal Exercise
by Power Body Mind Team
We get a lot of questions about post natal exercise here at Power Body Mind and rightly so. What you do or more importantly what you don't do during this crucial time needs thinking about if you are... Read More
Exercise On Holiday To Prevent Fat Gain
by Power Body Mind Team
Exercise On Holiday To Prevent Fat Gain- We spend all year round working out and eating healthy to get a beach body only to spend two weeks away drinking, eating, and hardly moving except between the... Read More
Five Exercises Which Will Make You Strong
by Power Body Mind Team
Getting strong isn't always easy, but if you want to get strong you need to be doing the five exercises below at very minimum. If you can master and be consistent with these five classic strength... Read More
Five Reasons Women Should Lift Weights
by Power Body Mind Team
Women should lift weights- Gone are the days when lifting weights was just for the guys with the ladies confined to slow and boring cardio machines. Lifting weights is fun, quick, and more effective... Read More
How to Breathe Yourself Stronger
by Power Body Mind Team
Editors note: We have a guest post today from Chris Gibson BSc CSCS of Frontier Performance in Exeter who has been working to make clients from general population to athletes stronger and healthier... Read More
How to Increase Your Bench Press in Three Steps
by Power Body Mind Team
'How do I increase my bench press?' This is one of the most popular requests I get from my male clients. Whilst yes, it is cliché, like it or not it is importance to 95% of the gym users I encounter... Read More
Three Tips To Help You Squat More
by Power Body Mind Team
Three tips to help you squat more- Anyone looking to improve their squat numbers might benefit from giving one or all of these three tips a try in their training. These simple tips and tricks have... Read More
best rep range for strength training
by Power Body Mind Team
What is the best rep range for strength training? It is a common question among lifters looking to improve their maximal strength totals on the main compound lifts like the squat, deadlift, overhead... Read More
Which Training Split Is Best for You?
by Power Body Mind Team
When starting training it can be difficult to know which training split is best for you and your goals. Basically, how many days you train and what you do on them days. A lot will depend on your... Read More
by KP
The goblet squat is amazing and I'm going to tell you why you should probably be using this weirdly named move regardless of your training goal. The goblet squat was created by strength coach Dan... Read More
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