Three Hangover Cures that Work!

Three Hangover Cures that Work!

We've all been there, you got a little carried away last night and the crippling hangover is making the regret and shame from last night that much worse. But don't despair - I have a couple of real hangover cures that will get you thinking straight again, ready to tackle your day.

When you get drunk there are a couple of reasons you feel crap the next day, one is the dehydration causes by alcohol, and the other is the depleting effect it has on key vitamins and minerals. Lastly is the toxins which are released as a byproduct of the metabolism of alcohol in your system which leave you feeling groggy.


Rehydrating after a night of drinking is the best hangover cure there is but what is the best way. Simply guzzling a couple of glasses of tap water isn't going to cut it if you want to return to top form sooner rather than later. When you become dehydrated it is the electrolytes which you lose through sweat when exercising which are depleted from a long night on the tiles. And it is the replacement of these essential minerals which is going to get your body and brain functioning again.
How: You can buy electrolyte tablets, powders, and drinks or alternatively use a high quality unrefined sea salt such as Pink Himalayan sea salt. Try taking one serving of electrolytes or a large pinch of sea salt in water when you get home and again upon waking. Continue to drink lots of water and you will be feeling better in no time!

Replace lost vitamins

When you drink the metabolism of alcohol depletes several vitamins which are key to your bodies ability to detoxify and function correctly, namely Vitamin B6 and C. So it makes sense to put these back in to return yourself back to your pre poisoned state! Another added benefit of Vitamin C is that it is a potent antioxidant which helps to remove toxins.
How: Get yourself a vitamin C supplement, I like the pure powder (it's bitter!) because I can use quite a large dose and a vitamin B6 supplement and take these on arrival home and on waking.


Let's face it, when you drink you are poisoning your body and the hangover is it's response to the toxins which are a byproduct of drinking alcohol. Getting your body to flush these toxins out sooner rather than later is another great way to make yourself feel better. There we are loads of of ways to detoxify including drinking water to flush your system out, eating clean antioxidant foods, taking a bath, and even exercising! What I like to do is use a greens supplement which is packed full of antioxidants and mix it with my vitamin c and electrolyte drink, this is a one stop hangover cure drink. After this I try and get some light exercise to sweat a little, this always seems like a bad idea but leaves me feeling much better.
How: Drink water, use a greens supplement, exercise, and take a bath! The toxins won't stand a chance.


These three hangover cures will have you feeling back to normal sooner rather than later but remember, the only way to not feel bad at all is to not drink. So don't expect any miracles but use these great hangover cures for those times when you let loose for a night and want to minimise the damage!