Three Habits of Healthy People

Three Habits of Healthy People

Three habits of healthy people- Ever wondered what the difference is between the people who struggle to get fit, eat healthy food, and maintain a body they are happy with and those 'health freaks' for whom it seems so easy; they love the gym, they love healthy food, and seem constantly motivated. What if I told you this wasn't strictly the case? That healthy people aren't always excited for exercise, can't always be bothered eating clean food, and sometimes struggle for motivation?

Sound like you? Thats because it is completely normal, the difference between not bothering or giving up at this point is in the mindset and the healthy habits which build up over time. Find out three habits of healthy people and start applying them now to stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting, gym inconsistency, and start creating (and maintaining) a body you are happy with!

Habit 1- Exercise is an essential part of their day with understood rewards

Healthy people cannot always be bothered to exercise, they have to work, they have families, and the thought of a tiring workout isn't always at the forefront of their mind. The difference is on days like this which at the start might outnumber the days you want to exercise is they still turn up and do something! With time and consistency a habit forms and the positive benefits of exercising become clear; they feel better, they look better, and they might even start to enjoy it. When something becomes important enough and you recognise the benefits you make time regardless of your schedule, how you feel, or what you have planned.

A good example to draw comparisons with when talking about the habit of exercise is work. Most people don't like their jobs, getting up early, not having the day to themselves, and missing out on social opportunities are all sacrifices that people make for work. The understood reward of course being money motivating you to do something you don't necessarily want to do for an important reward. Working just becomes part of your day that you do and you get paid at the end which makes you feel good and keeps the bills paid. This is how healthy people see exercise. Sure they might be tired or not have much time but they get something done because they know it will make them feel good, keep them healthy and looking great. In time this positive association creates a strong habit which they don't want to break and they know the sacrifice and discipline to exercise when why dont want to is worth it.

Habit 2- They know what's healthy and stick to a small menu of these foods

One of the biggest nutritional advantages healthy people have over not so healthy people is knowledge. Once they know what healthy eating is they create convenient healthy recipes including snack options and eating out choices which they can make anytime and enjoy without compromising healthy eating. They stick to this menu of simple healthy foods consistently which makes the weekly food shop easy and the amount of time working out what to eat minimal. Here are some of the foods I eat nearly every day.

Breakfast- Eggs, coconut oil, butter, whey protein, bacon, salmon

Lunch- Chicken or fish, veg of all kinds, coconut oil,

Dinner- Chicken or beef, veg of all kinds, rice, sweet potato

Snacks- Nuts, quest bar, whey shake, fish

Notice how there isn't a huge amount of variety in these foods? All that does change is the flavouring and seasoning to keep them tasting great and my tastebuds interested. I can choose to be as adventurous or simple with these foods depending on time but I stick to these essentials and I know I am getting high quality nutrition without having to constantly think or plan.

Habit 3- They have the discipline to say no sometimes

This one is almost more of a mindset than a habit but it builds in to one with time and is essential if you want to be a 'healthy' person. Healthy people aren't afraid to say no sometimes if that no might benefit their health in some way. This doesn't mean you need to be a hermit crab to be healthy but did you need to drink that much? Eat dessert? Eat the cake your collegue baked? Of course not and it is the hundreds of small decisions a day that we make which will shape your destiny. If you are comfortable and happy to say no sometimes you will be able to stay in control of your health which is both empowering and good for you!

These habits are the foundation of what it takes to be healthy whatever that means to you- improved health, ripped or lean physique, or just general well being these habits are consistent among 'health freaks'. Do you have what it takes?