Three Exercises for Bigger Biceps

Three Exercises for Bigger Biceps

Do you want bigger biceps? Tired of being the one known as noodle arms? Make sure you are including all three of these exercises in your programme if you want bigger biceps and in a couple of months you could be the envy of your gym with your huge guns. 

1. Chin-ups

Show me someone who can do 20 full chin-ups under control and I would bet my bottom dollar that they will have some pretty decent biceps (and back!). Learn to master this classic bodyweight exercise and it will be the foundation of anything else you do to build bigger biceps. 

Tips: If you can't do a full chin up then try negative chin ups. Get yourself a box or a step near the chin up bar and start your chin up from the top position and work on lowering yourself as slowly as possible before using the box to hop back up to the top position. 

If chin ups are too easy then add some weight!

2. Barbell curls

Another classic big bicep building exercise. It's pretty simple, you put some weight on the thickest bar that you have in your gym and you curl it. Make sure you are using the full range of motion and not using your legs, back, and shoulders to get the weight up. Start light and over time increase the weight and you will have a set of big biceps before you know it!

Tips: Do not do this in a squat rack, people will think you are a moron. 

A couple of cheat reps at the end of your set doesen't hurt to really overload the biceps, just don't use them at the expense of your good form reps.

3. Seated incline bicep curl

The seated incline bicep curl is one of the most effective exercises for bigger biceps! Simply grab a pair of moderately heavy dumbells, set up a bench at a 45 degree incline, take a seat with your back and head touching the bench with your arms hanging freely, and curl away. This one is painful! Make sure you are using the full range of motion and if you can't drop the weight until you can. 

Tips: For something a little different try alternating incline bicep curls and even partial reps if you are feeling particularly pain hungry.

Get these three bicep building exercises in to your training regime and say goodbye to noodle arms and hellp to the gun show!