Three Exercises for a Better Bum

Three Exercises for a Better Bum

It seems in the modern era especially amongst the ladies that bigger is better when it comes to their bums (I blame Kim Kardasian.) And it is one of the most commonly asked questions by my female clients so I'm going to give you three exercises which give you the best bang for your buck when looking to improve the size, shape, and all round appeal of your glutes.

Before you embark on your campaign for a better bum make sure you are focusing on compound exercises over isolation work for the glutes as this is a better use of your time by hitting more than just one muscle group. Once you have been doing these exercises for a while sure you can throw in a couple of isolation moves but master these and I don't think you will need to.

The Squat

If you want better glutes you need to squat, simple as that. The squat when performed correctly is a completely safe and natural movement which does something to your butt that other exercises simply can't do. I recommend learning the barbell squat and working on making sure you are getting good depth and experimenting with different intensities from heavy squats all the way through to high rep squats, just make sure you are squatting deep and watch your bum grow.
Top tip: Try increasing the frequency of your squatting to 2x weekly with one heavy session (5x5, 6x4, 10x3) and another lighter session (3x15, 5x10, 4x8, 2x20).

The Deadlift

The deadlift is a must exercise for many reasons from posture, all out strength, to core and the list goes on but today im focusing on the glutes and the deadlift is a very big part of any serious glute training. There are many different types of deadlift from straight bar, sumo, snatch grip and all utilise the glutes to a different extent. For pure glute sculpting I recommend romanian deadlifts as more emphasis is placed on the glute squeeze at the top of the movement but try mixing up your deadlift varieties, weights, and grips for the ultimate set of glutes.
Top tip: Mix up your deadlift varieties every 3-4 weeks for maximal glute stimulus!

Single leg exercises

Whenever I spend some time doing single leg exercises there is one thing that I notice. The next day my glutes are absolutely destroyed so this is the last recommendation to all the ladies looking to imrove their bums. Which ones are best? Try some of these and watch your glutes thank you later (or not!):

  • Walking lunges

  • Bulgarian split squat

  • Step-ups

Top Tip: Add 3 sets of single leg work to the end of your glute training.

So a set of irresistable glutes is as simple as that! Make sure you are squatting, deadlifting, and doing some single leg stuff and your glutes will not know whats hit them.

Go get it ladies.