Three common mistakes of fat loss diets

Three common mistakes of fat loss diets

Have you ever tried to lose fat by exercising more and eating less? Me too! And after years of trial, error, and big mistakes I now find it easy to get my body beach ready and ripped. 

What are the secrets to fat loss? I wish it was that simple, but there are some common mistakes that I made and many others still make to this day.  In this article I'm going to share the three most common fat loss mistakes so you don't make the same.


One of the most common fat loss mistakes I see and have been guilty of myself is overtraining or simply burning out. This is much easier to achieve when on a calorie deficit where the enthusiasm/urgency to lose as much fat as possible can simply lead to training too hard and eating too little food to maintain a healthy balance. The consequences of this include illness, fatigue, hormone issues, and ultimately a complete halt on any fat loss progress.

Lesson: If your body is exhausted it is not going to want to lose its protective layer of fat, work at 70%, cut calories gradually, and don't be afraid to rest. This will assure consistent results over the long term.

Eating too few calories for too long

Another common fat loss diet mistake I see is continually reducing calories in a linear fashion and expecting the fat loss to continue at the same rate as when you started your diet. Unfortunately this simply doesn't work! As you reduce your caloric intake your bodies metabolism battles to keep you alive (storing fat) by slowing itself down to cope with the decreasing amount of energy. Essentially by continually reducing calories over the long term puts your body in starvation mode where it holds on to everything it can, including your unwanted body fat! Luckily the solution is simple, take up to a week off of the strict calorie deficit (I like 3 days) and increase your caloric intake after six weeks of intense dieting and give your body and mind a break from the stresses of a low calorie diet.

Lesson: Take up to a week off of your fat loss diet by increasing your calories and unlock the potential to keep your fat loss going all the way to your goal without burnout or a complete stall in progress. Just remember to keep it clean, this isn't time to ruin weeks of hard work.

You're too stressed to lose fat

Too stressed to lose fat? The third common fat loss mistake is a surprise to most, but the answer to why being stressed can completely stall your fat loss is cortisol. Although essential to your bodies systems, when chronically elevated cortisol wreaks havoc on your body so much so that it can cause you to store extra body fat! Keeping this stress hormone under control will be crucial in your body shifting the excess weight and is often the final piece of the puzzle when struggling.

Lesson: Try and manage your stress levels for optimal fat burning potential by taking time away from work, spending time with friends and family (if they chill you out), or whatever else leaves you feeling relaxed and fresh.

There you go, three common mistakes people make on fat loss diets! Be aware and you can avoid the frustration of stagnant fat loss and uncover the leaner you sooner rather than later. If you have any questions or your own fat loss mistakes then put them in the comments section below!