The Power Body Mind Drink More Water Challenge

Drink More Water Challenge For Better Health

The PowerBodyMind drink more water challenge is the follow up to our 'Are You Drinking Enough Water?' feature where we explained the surprising consequences of being as little as 2% dehydrated on your health and performance. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve how you are feeling on a day to day basis drinking more water can probably help and unfortunately it is where so many of us fall short! 

It is for this reason we are starting the PowerBodyMind drink more water challenge.  Being properly hydrated is vital to the bodies correct functioning and although it might seem obvious, when you consider that at least 40% of the population are dehydrated there is clearly the need for more guidance on proper hydration. 

How we see it is this, regardless of goal drinking water is absolutely crucial and failure to tick this basic box in the journey to a better body, better functioning, or more energy is a huge oversight and cause of many basic health issues. Give yourself a chance by using this challenge to make sure you are fully hydrated and therefore your body is in the perfect place to lose weight, put on muscle, or just feel better.

Ok, to the challenge! If you want to improve your health or you feel that you might be hydrated give this challenge a go! It is a 10 Day Challenge and if you make it through you should be feeling optimised, refreshed, and your body will be thanking you. And who knows your body might just look better!

What Do You Need?

  • Three One Litre (33oz) water containers (You can use old bottles)
  • A Tap
  • A few lemons

You could just go out and buy three individual litre bottles of water every day but make sure you have three bottles available.

The Challenge

1) Finish all of your soda's, fruit juices, sugary energy drinks etc before starting the challenge.

These drinks dehydrate you and do not count towards your fluid intake for the day. For this challenge we are going to cut them out for ten full days, no big deal right? 

2) Days 1-5- We are aiming to drink two litres daily plus more if we are coffee and tea drinkers.

Refrigerate three bottles of water the night before and upon waking and before eating anything drink 250-500mls of water with a lemon squeezed in. Make sure to carry one litre bottle with you at all times throughout the day and try to finish this by the late afternoon. (You can have fresh lemon juice in this water if you prefer the taste.) In the late afternoon and throughout the evening start drinking your second litre of water aiming to finish a few hours before going to bed. 

If you have a cup of coffee you owe yourself the volume of the coffee x2 in water. So if you drink 200mls of coffee you need to drink an extra 400mls of water making a total of 2400mls for the day. 

3) Days 5-10- We are aiming for three litres daily 

This part of the challenge is when we push ourselves to drink more than perhaps we might want to drink and if you have been used to drinking less than two litres daily prior to the challenge this will be tough for you. But remember, its only five days and yes you will need to use the bathroom a lot, but that isn't a bad thing. This is going to have a tremendous flushing effect on your whole system. 

Keep the same morning routine as the last five days but this time carry two litre bottles round with you throughout the day and push yourself to finish these by the time evening comes around. Aim to get 250mls before and after meals for improved digestion and an increased sense of fullness. 

You might not quite get through the full three litres but aim to do so by the end of the challenge!

End Of Challenge And Beyond

So you have completed the Power Body Mind drink more water challenge, well done! What now? Use the lessons learned in the challenge to find a happy medium amount of water for your body which could be anywhere between two and three litres depending on your activity level and remember to add more water for caffeinated or sugary drinks. It is ok to consume juices and caffeinated drinks in moderation but do not include them in your daily fluid intake, get this right and these potentially harmful drinks will have no effect on a fully hydrated you!