The perfect post workout shake

The perfect post workout shake

The perfect post workout shake is one of the most important meals of the day to get right if you want to build muscle! If you read my article explaining what is required in the crucial post workout window then you will know that after an intense session in the gym you need to quickly replenish glycogen stores using fast acting carbohydrates along with a high quality protein source to begin the repair and growth process as soon as possible!

Along with this basic combination I explained the benefits of some of my favourite supplements to use in the post workout shake when looking to build muscle. Below is the recipe for my perfect post workout shake:

The perfect post workout shake:

  • 30-60g Dextrose (you could use a banana or two but its not as effective)
  • 30-50g Whey protein or a whey/casein blend
  • 5g Leucine
  • 5-10g Creatine
  • 5g Glutamine

Give this potent combination a try and make it a part of your post workout ritual straight after you finish an intense weight training session and you will feel your recovery time improve, muscles grow, and strength go up.