The Green Beast Super Smoothie

The Green Beast Super Smoothie

Are you fit to tackle the Green Beast Super Smoothie? 

We love true superfood smoothies here at PowerBodyMind because they allow us to get a huge hit of nutrients from vegetables in a tasty and portable form. However, we have a problem with conventional smoothie wisdom! It seems that the need for sweetness and explosive flavour has lead to what is more of a green coloured fruit juice rather than a vegetable based green elixir of health and vitality (which is why we are drinking them right?) The overemphasis on fruit in our green smoothies can have some surprising disadvantages to those who are drinking these blends as a healthy choice, the first being that they are exremely high in sugar, yes its natural sugar, but its still sugar and its still not great for you. 

On top of this the high sugar content means that when you drink these smoothies you will get a huge surge in blood sugar which we don't want at certain times of the day, this is why the Green Beast Super Smoothie was created. Surely you don't need to get a massive hit of fructose in order to consume a ton of extremely healthy plant based nutrition? But what about the taste? After a lot of experimenting and knocking back smoothies that only the most sadistic health freak could tolerate we have come up with something that is delicious, low in sugar, and jam packed with fantastic ingredients. 

Introducing...THE GREEN BEAST! A true vegetable super smoothie with a great taste, have you got what it takes?

The Green Beast Super Smoothie Recipe

Ginger- 1 Thumb sized piece
Celery- 1-2 Sticks
Fresh Parsley- 1-2 handfuls
Spinach or Kale- 1-2 handfuls
Avocado- 1/4-1/2
Lemon juice- 1-2 lemons
Stevia powder- 1/2 teaspoon (experiment depending on how sweet you like it)
Dairy free milk replacement (Almond milk works well!)- 300ml or to desired thickness

Optional extras:
Cucumber- 2-3 inch piece
Coconut cream- 1 tablespoon (this tastes amazing!) 
Mint- To taste

There you go, The Green Beast! A low sugar superfood smoothie that is perfect for any time of the day and surprisingly tasty and refreshing. We don't think that you need to consume a ton of sugar to get a list of nutrients like this and with this smoothie you don't have to. 

Give it a try and not only will you feel energized and vital, you will be maintaining the low sugar levels required to reveal or maintain a lean physique.