Are You Drinking Enough Water?
by Power Body Mind Team
Are you drinking enough water? Odds are you probably aren't! It is thought that between 40 and 70 percent of the population are chronically dehydrated which leads to a long list of physical and... Read More
Butter is good for you
by Power Body Mind Team
Check out this great infographic by Dave Asprey at the Bulletproof Exec - It will tell you why delicious and creamy grass fed butter is actually good for you! If you read my recent article "high fat... Read More
Does Sugar Make You Fat?
by Power Body Mind Team
Sugar is not the friend of a lean and healthy body. Lets look at why this potentially toxic (yes toxic) carbohydrate eaten in crazy amounts (and increasing) is at the forefront of the obesity... Read More
Jogging Could Be Making You Fat
by Power Body Mind Team
Jogging is one of the most common forms of exercise that people embark on when they begin their fat loss journey with nothing but good intentions. Unfortunately I have some pretty bad news for you,... Read More
What Is Your Body Type and How Should You Train?
by Power Body Mind Team
Editors note: This is a guest post written by a very good friend of ours and fantastic coach Adam Cox working out of Manchester, England.  Do you know what your body type is? Below are the... Read More
Which Training Split Is Best for You?
by Power Body Mind Team
When starting training it can be difficult to know which training split is best for you and your goals. Basically, how many days you train and what you do on them days. A lot will depend on your... Read More
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