Five Reasons Women Should Lift Weights
by Power Body Mind Team
Women should lift weights- Gone are the days when lifting weights was just for the guys with the ladies confined to slow and boring cardio machines. Lifting weights is fun, quick, and more effective... Read More
How Many Day's A Week Should I Exercise?
by Power Body Mind Team
How many days should I exercise? That has to be one of the most common things I'm asked when starting out with a client. There is no set answer to this question but there are considerations to make... Read More
Three Supplements You Should be Taking for Improved Health
by Power Body Mind Team
Supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals is a controversial subject with many people unsure whether it makes a positive or noticeable difference. However there are some supplements that... Read More
What Is Your Body Type and How Should You Train?
by Power Body Mind Team
Editors note: This is a guest post written by a very good friend of ours and fantastic coach Adam Cox working out of Manchester, England.  Do you know what your body type is? Below are the... Read More
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