The Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin D
by Power Body Mind Team
The amazing health benefits of Vitamin D should not be ignored and neither should the risks associated with Vitamin D deficiency. Sometimes referred to as the 'sunshine vitamin' due to the bodies... Read More
The benefits of creatine
by Power Body Mind Team
Creatine is a naturally occuring acid present in living tissue which is primarily involved in the supply of energy to all cells in the body (especially muscle.) Creatine achieves this by upregulating... Read More
The Science Behind the Benefits of Meditation
by Power Body Mind Team
The benefits of meditation have become more popular recently in mainstream culture and the fitness/health community. No longer do you have to be particularly spiritual, a Buddhist Monk, or a try hard... Read More
Three Habits of Healthy People
by Power Body Mind Team
Three habits of healthy people- Ever wondered what the difference is between the people who struggle to get fit, eat healthy food, and maintain a body they are happy with and those 'health freaks'... Read More
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