Burn Fat in Minutes with TABATA Training
by Power Body Mind Team
Tabata training does not sound like one of the most effective fat loss methods you can use to help you reach your physical goals, but it is.  So what is it? What is Tabata training? Based on a study... Read More
Three common mistakes of fat loss diets
by Power Body Mind Team
Have you ever tried to lose fat by exercising more and eating less? Me too! And after years of trial, error, and big mistakes I now find it easy to get my body beach ready and ripped.  What are the... Read More
Why Weight Training is Better for Fat Loss than Cardio
by Power Body Mind Team
Weight training is better for fat loss than cardio. In fact weight training is better for all body composition goals, these can be categorised in to two overall aims. To gain muscle and prevent fat... Read More
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