Five Exercises Which Will Make You Strong
by Power Body Mind Team
Getting strong isn't always easy, but if you want to get strong you need to be doing the five exercises below at very minimum. If you can master and be consistent with these five classic strength... Read More
Three Exercises for a Better Bum
by Power Body Mind Team
It seems in the modern era especially amongst the ladies that bigger is better when it comes to their bums (I blame Kim Kardasian.) And it is one of the most commonly asked questions by my female... Read More
Three Exercises For Better Legs
by Power Body Mind Team
 Three exercises for better legs- It is becoming increasingly popular whether you are a guy or a girl to want a better set of legs from your time at the gym. For most guys this means big powerful... Read More
Three Exercises for Bigger Biceps
by Power Body Mind Team
Do you want bigger biceps? Tired of being the one known as noodle arms? Make sure you are including all three of these exercises in your programme if you want bigger biceps and in a couple of months... Read More
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