Eating a High Fat Diet Improves Your Health
by Power Body Mind Team
Eating a high fat diet improves your health? This goes against everything you have been told by the media over the past 15 years, where naturally high fat foods like nuts, oils, dairy, beef, and even... Read More
The Health Benefits of Eating Kale
by Power Body Mind Team
It's time for another edition of superfood spotlight and today we are looking at the health benefits of eating kale, the leafy green, cruciferous vegetable which is related to both brocolli and... Read More
The Link Between Your Gut and Happiness
by Power Body Mind Team
We all know that what you put in your mouth has a huge influence on how you look, but did you know that what you eat also has a significant effect on how you feel? Neither did I until I recently... Read More
The Real Reasons Fast Food is Bad for Your Health
by Power Body Mind Team
Fast food is bad for you. Yet we still love to eat these foods with the U.S fast food industry taking in $191 billion in 2013, an astounding number. Burgers Fries Pizza Fried Chicken Milkshakes You... Read More
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