Carb Backloading Explained
by Power Body Mind Team
In this article, we talk about how you can use carbohydrate backloading to lose fat and take some of the stress away from knowing what and when to eat. We are big fans of this approach and have seen... Read More
Eating a High Fat Diet Improves Your Health
by Power Body Mind Team
Eating a high fat diet improves your health? This goes against everything you have been told by the media over the past 15 years, where naturally high fat foods like nuts, oils, dairy, beef, and even... Read More
How to Deal with Social Situations Whilst on a Diet
by Power Body Mind Team
That awkward feeling when your on a diet and things are going in the right direction and then someone invites you out for a meal or drinks. You start to panic at the thought of the questions if you... Read More
The Hard Truth About A Bulking Diet
by Power Body Mind Team
It is January, we are in the middle of Winter, the time when millions of gym users attention turns to a bulking diet in an attempt to build muscle. The aim being to add plenty of quality muscle mass... Read More
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