Superfood Spotlight - The Health Benefits of Avocado

The Health Benefits of Avocado

Avocados are an often overlooked superfood due to their high fat content, but avoid them at your peril! This deliciously creamy and nutritionally dense superfood should be a big part of any nutrition regime looking to optimise health.

What's the deal?

An avocado to the surprise of many is actually a fruit, not the sweet juicy type but a luxurious, filling, and versatile one which is jam packed with health boosting vitamins, minerals, and fats.

The main health benefits of this surprising superfood include:

  • Increase in beneficial HDL cholesterol and a decrease in triglycerides (trust us, this is a good thing) due to the high amount of healthy fats

  • Anti-Cancer properties due to the presence of gluthathione and other cancer fighting nutrients which have been shown to kill pre-cancer cells!

  • Great fat loss food despite being high in fat avocados keep you full and satisfied meaning less snacking which is a great thing when trying to battle the belly.

  • Much, much, more! Eye health, skin health, sexual health (wit-woo!) twice the potassium of a banana, vitamin B6...the list goes on!

I hope the quick list of superfood benefits possessed by the truly amazing avocado get you enjoying this much overlooked food!


My favourite way to get avocado in to my diet is by blending them in to my smoothies like the brain boosting super smoothie I posted about recently. They give a thicker and creamier texture to any of your favourite blended delights and with the benefits listed above you have no excuse!

Another favorite is to cube half an avocado and add to a chicken and bacon salad with a splash of apple cider vinegar and seasoning- Try it and thank me later. And of course lets not forget the classic use for avocado...Guacamole! Recipe for my ultra clean brain boosting guacamole coming soon.

Let us know your favourite uses for avocado and if you aren't including this superfood in your diet, it's time to start.