Superfood Spotlight - Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Superfood Spotlight - Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Pink Himalayan sea salt may sound like something you wouldnt want anywhere near, let alone inside your body but you would be wrong. Pink Himalayan sea salt is a huge part of my daily health routine with tons of benefits which everyone should be aware of.

Salt in general gets a bad rap in the press due to the negative consequences of overconsuming sodium on blood pressure which has become a real problem since the increase in processed foods which are packed full of nutritionally devoid table salt. What the media fails to mention is that without the correct amount of salt, or more specifically the essential minerals it contains the human body simply cannot function correctly.

Unfortunately due to all of the negative press people avoid all salt like the plague failing to understand that not all salt is created equal and by reducing their sodium intake to zero they are actually damaging their health.

Pink Himalayan sea salt?

Conventional table salt is hugely processed and refined and therefore the essential minerals which salt contains is no longer present. Enter Pink Himalayan sea salt (PHSS), an incredibly pure and mineral rich substance used for thousands of years. Whats even better is that its a direct substitute for traditional table salt used in cooking, for seasoning, or simply to replace lost electrolytes after an intense workout.

The benefits of pink himalayan sea salt

The benefits of PHSS are mostly focused around its pure unrefined qualities meaning that when you consume it you will get a shot of 84 (yes 84!) extremely beneficial minerals which are required for optimal functioning of your body and brain as well as the essential electrolytes which are key to sporting performance.

Other benefits of PHSS include:


  • Improved circulation
  • Balanced PH
  • Antioxidant
  • Detoxifying effect on heavy metals
  • Plus many more!


The bottom line

Pink Himalayan sea salt is jam packed with minerals which are beneficial and essential to human health and performance. If you are at all health conscious I urge you to swap the table salt for PHSS and use it as normal as a seasoning and in cooking. It really is a superfood you can include without any problem at all.

Top tip: If you are feeling a bit groggy, fatigued, or exhausted from a hard workout try a large pinch of PHSS in a glass of water and let it work its pure mineral magic!