Superfood Spotlight - Parsley

Superfood Spotlight- Parsley

This edition of Superfood spotlight focuses on the much overlooked superfood herb parsley, a readily available and versatile herb with a long list of health benefits. So instead of viewing this delicate little herb as a little bit of colour on your plate, lets take a look at the potent health benefits parsley offers those who eat it on a regular basis. 

Parsley Is Nutritionally Dense

Parsley being a dark green plant is packed full of vital nutrients for optimal health. These include:

  • Vitamins C, K, B, and A which promote a strong and healthy immune system
  • Potent flavonoids which act as strong antioxidants preventing cell damage
  • Beta-Carotene which is associated with lowering risks of several conditions!

Parsley Is Nature's Diuretic (cleansing)

Scientific studies have proven that the regular consumption of parsley is linked to an increase in urination. This means that if you are carrying excess water weight parsley could help you get rid of the water without dangerous pharmaceutical drugs! This diuretic effect makes Parsley a fantastic cleanser for the liver, kidneys, and urinary tract which means it is effective in the treatment and prevention of kidney and bladder stones as well as a general cleanser!

Parsley Helps With Joint Pain

Due to parsley's strong anti-inflammatory properties, it is associated with the reduction of stiffness and pain in joints in those who constume it on a regular basis. To notice these positive effects on joint pain and inflammation, it is important to consume parsley daily.

Parsley Is A Strong Protective Herb

Parsley is rich in natural oils which are naturally protective to carcinogens in our environment, such as cigarette smoke and charcoal cooked food, and works by binding to these carcinogenic molecules before they can do harm inside our bodies. These natural oils are also linked with the inhibition of tumor growth.

Eat More Parsley

Parsley is a true superfood which is often overlooked, which, considering its unoffensive nature is surprising. This potent super herb is a natural protective against some of the nasties we encounter in our environment, is a strong cleanser for our abused systems, and can even reduce inflammation in our joints.

For best results eat parsley regularly and don't be shy with your portions, we like to blend two large handfuls in our favourite green smoothies or alternatively include them as a tasty addition to a light and refreshing superfood salad. Give parsley a go for improved health!