Superfood Spotlight - Eggs

Superfood spotlight- Eggs

Todays superfood spotlight is focusing on eggs! These extremely healthy and affordable staples have been unfairly targeted by the media in the last decade due to their high fat content. And with the anti cholesterol movement in full swing these innocent superfoods have been wrongly labeled as a causer of heart disease. This could not be more wrong and in this article I am going to explain why eggs aren't just not bad for you, they are really very good for you!

The Benefits of Eggs

Eggs aren't just a superfood, they are:

  • Cheap
  • Convenient
  • Ethical
  • Delicious

The Health Benefits of Eggs

Here are some reasons why eggs should be considered a superfood and be the staple of any healthy diet.

Eggs are incredibly nutrient dense

Eggs contain enough vitamins to turn a cell in to a baby chicken. The yolk of an egg contains high amounts of many essential vitamins and minerals for human growth, recovery, and mental function. These include Vitamins A, B5, B6, B12, D, E, K, Calcium, Selenium, and Zinc plus many more. Not many foods contain so many vitamins in such a cheap and versatile form. Just make sure you are keeping the yolk to get the bealth boosting benefits out of your eggs!

Eggs are high in good cholesterol

Eggs have recieved a bad rap in the press due to their high cholesterol content but this is a huge over simplification. Cholesterol in the diet does not necessarily have to mean blood cholesterol increases and it is still unclear whether this is actually linked to heart disease. In fact eggs are rich in HDL cholesterol which is actually linked to reduced risk of heart disease. So perhaps eggs actually benefit your heart health despite their high cholesterol content. Do some research on the types of cholesterol and you will realise eggs are perfectly fine for your heart health.

Eggs are a protein rich food

Eggs are a fantastic source of complete protein. Anyone looking to improve their health, lose weight, or add lean muscle could do a lot worse than eating a couple of eggs a day. The extra protein from eggs will flood the body with amino acids used to repair damaged muscle tissue, fuel brain function, and keep you from snacking on unhealthy fattening foods.

Eggs can boost memory

Eggs are high in choline, something that most people are deficient in. Choline aids in the function of the brain specifically memory and eggs are the best dietry sources of choline you can get. So if you want to boost your memory you need to make sure you are eating your eggs!

Eggs are great for eyes

Lutein is an antioxidant with strong links to improving eye health due to its retina building properties. Eggs contain plenty of lutein among other eye protective antioxidants which have been shown when consistently present in someones system reduce the risk of degenerative eye conditions and cataracts.

The bottom line is that eggs are great

Eggs are great for you and thats the bottom line. Cheap, versatile, and delicious plus above is just some of the benefits that this superfood can offer you. Make sure you are getting good quality eggs and eating your yolks and you will be getting plenty of fantastic vitamins and minerals in to your system. Check out the brain boosting super smoothie recipe which uses raw egg yolks for a strong shot of choline and antioxidant vitamins. Whatver the reason eggs should be included on any health concious persons shopping list.