Sitting is the new smoking!


Sitting is the new smoking! Sounds absurd doesen't it? But thats exactly what doctors are warning with the majority of people spending at least 9 hours sitting at a desk and countless more on the sofa at home. 

Check out this disturbing infographic detailing the facts and risks of how sitting can wreak havok on your health.

Back pain causes

A study by doctors revealed that those who sit down at work as opposed to stand are 1.5 times more likely to develop heart disease making this a real threat to peoples health in the face of reduced activity at work and in leisure time as a whole. 

Along with the increased risk of heart disease, a life of sitting will also likely lead to chronic back pain, weight problems, depression, and dementia.

What can you do? Doctors recommend 150 minutes of exerfcise a week to gain the benefits of regular exercise and to counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting. In a more radical reaction some companies are implementing standing desks which have been shown to increase productivity. 


So if you work in an office why not try standing? Or at least interrupt your long periods of sitting with standing to prevent the negative consequences on your short and long term health!