Quest Bar Review- Healthy or Not?

Quest Bar Review- Healthy or not?

Quest Bars have had a huge surge in popularity in the last few months within the health and fitness community and divide opinion for some so we thought our Quest Bar review would be helpful to our readers considering picking up a box of Quest Bars.

Quest Bars are low carb, high protein snack bars with 20g protein per bar available in tons of mouthwatering flavours and ideal for anyone looking to increase their protein intake.

What Do We Think?

When looking for a protein bar there are several criteria we believe are important: 

  1. Low Carb
  2. Tastes good 
  3. Not packed full of nasty ingredients.

Quest Bars tick all of these boxes where in the past we would have to compromise on at least one of these if purchasing a portable protein rich snack. In fact the majority of high protein bars on the market are packed full of sugar making them no better than a high protein candy bar which although may be perfect for someone looking to build muscle are not practical for the dieting or health conscious amongst us looking for something tasty, convenient, and protein rich. 

Quest Bars contain 20g of protein, 5g of fat, and roughly 3-5g of digestible carbohydrate with the bonus of 20g much needed fibre which completes them as a protein bar which can be consumed regardless of dietry needs. This is what we believe sets Quest Bars apart from their rivals.

Another area where Quest Bars excel is in taste and variety. The range of flavours is vast and original with loads to try, and from our experience we can say they all taste great despite their low sugar content-Our favourites are cookies and cream, apple pie, and Chocolate brownie! 

How To Use Quest Bars

Although nothing can replace whole, natural foods in the diet it isn't always possible to eat these types of food when on the move, travelling, or stuck somewhere not selling a high protein low carb snack. This is how you can use Quest Bars to benefit your health. 

  1. As a direct replacement for high sugar snacks like candy bars- These are a MUCH healthier alternative. 
  2. When there are no whole food healthy choices available- Carry a quest bar! 
  3. Too busy to make healthy food? Don't give in to sugar laden high street crap, Quest Bars are a healthier choice. 
  4. Anyone looking to increase their protein intake without excess calories or carbs


Quest Bars should not form the base of anyones nutrition but it is reassuring to know that there is now a low carb protein bar available when needs be. If you are looking for one of the healthiest protein rich snacks on the market then Quest is the best for us.