Muscle Building Shake Recipe

Muscle Building Shake Recipe

This muscle building shake recipe is for anyone looking to add QUALITY calories to their diet conveniently when trying to buid muscle. When used in conjuction with a muscle building whole food diet and consistent weight training aimed at stimulating muscle growth this muscle building shake can help you get bigger and stronger without excess fat gain.

To achieve muscle hypertrophy (growth) there needs to be an excess of calories consumed above what the body needs to maintain its current energy needs. This can be diffictult for 'hard gainers' who want to build muscle but struggle to eat enough whole food in a day to achieve this due to rapid metabolisms or low appetites. This is where a quality muscle building shake recipe can be priceless, it means that you can reach a calorie surplus without having to chew extra food. This makes building muscle a little bit easier. 

Muscle Building Shake Recipe:

This muscle building shake recipe is about high quality nutrients associated with muscle growth and not a bunch of processed rubbish that will get you bigger in the wrong kind of way! We are looking to build muscle, not cover our muscles in a huge layer of fat. Making sure your calorie surplus is made up of quality ingredients is key in keeping fat gain at bay.

50g high quality protein blend (whey and cassein) 
100g fine or ready ground oats
5g MCT or Coconut Oil
1/2 frozen banana
50g frozen berries 
1 Handful of spinach or a serving of a greens powder 

Nutrition: These are the rough calories per serving of this muscle building shake.
Calories: 591
Carbohydrate: 87g
Fat: 7g

This muscle building shake recipe provides the quality nutrition required to add muscle to your frame. The balance of protein, low gi carbohydrates, healthy fats, and micronutrients from vegetable sources gives the body everything it needs to grow. 

Use this muscle building shake whenever you need to add more calories to your diet, in between meals, or as a direct meal replacement when you can't find healthy calories on the go.