Learn How to Relax

Learn How to Relax

Do you need to chill out but not sure how with work, family, friends, and other stresses piling on all the time? If you don't find time for yourself to chill out you risk burning out and not doing yourself justice at work, home, and with friends.

In recent times the amount of people suffering from varying degrees of avoidable stress is on the rise. This is in part due to the increasing pressure that modern day life puts on people to work more, earn more, party more, train harder, and look better. Trying to fit all of this in isn't easy, and if you don't pay attention to your own needs then its inevitable that something is going to break.

This article is going to highlight a few ways to chill yourself out, everyone has their own way of winding down but these are just some ideas. The main idea is that you need to take time for yourself, do it!

Schedule your chill time!

Time for yourself to chill out isn't something that you should do whenever you get a chance, this way it will only be a matter of time before life is filling all of your time. Plan time out of your schedule to relax and take time away from everything else, recharge your batteries, and come back feeling fresh and ready to take on lifes challenges. By scheduling your chill time you emphasise the importance of looking after yourself and don't fall in to the trap of work, work, work, socialise, work, deadline, work etc.

Turn off your electronics!

This next tip is simple, turn off all of your electronics when you are trying to chill! (yes including your phone!) It isn't going to be very beneficial if you are answering emails, gossiping with friends, or reading about doom and gloom on the news. This is time away from all of those things so keep it that way and your mind will feel refreshed and less attached to all of the smart gadgets. (I know its hard but do it!)

Take a deep breath.

When you do schedule some time out from your busy schedule for yourself make sure you breathe! Sounds ridiculous but you would be surprised by how many people don't breathe correctly, meaning deep breaths. Make the effort to take a few long deep breaths and you will fuel your brain with oxygen and lower your heart rate which is a good thing when trying to chill out. I like to count a three count as I inhale, hold and count three seconds, and then exhale for three seconds. I repeat this 3-5 times and I feel a wave of calm come over me compared to the usual shallow breathing we do when stressing our way through our lives.

Try Meditation

Meditation is an often judged practice but one that if you can find a way to include in your life can be extremely useful. Check out our article on what meditation really is here to find out why meditation doesn't have to be formal and can be practised anywhere. And although we said that turning off the electronics is a great way to relax for those of you interested in learning to meditate we highly recommend the meditation app Buddhify. Not only is this a beautifully created and easy to use app, Buddhify 2 teaches you how to find some mental peace wherever you are. 

Sometimes all it takes to relax is shifting how you think about things and quieting the inner chatter going on inside your head, meditation is a great way to do this. Give it a try.

Use these tips to help you to chill out properly or simply to recognise that you must arrange for time to rest, recouperate, and relax. In doing so you will be happier, more enthusiastic, and able to perform at a high level at work, in the gym, and with friends. Don't wait for a meltdown to occur, take care of your mental well being!