How To Make Coffee with butter and MCT Oil Recipe Video

How To Make Coffee with butter and MCT Oil Recipe Video

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Coffee with butter and MCT Oil Is made when high quality coffee is blended with grassfed butter and MCT Oil, sounds kind of weird I know but you need to try it for a fantastic and delicious way to increase the amount of healthy fat in your diet. 

All you will need for a cup of Coffee with butter and MCT Oil is: 

  1. Good quality organic coffee beans
  2. Grassfed Butter (We use Kerrygold)
  3. MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides made from coconut oil)
  4. A blender

We like to use one teaspoon of butter and MCT oil in our Coffee with butter and MCT Oil Recipe but some people go with a lot more in their Bulletproof Coffee Recipes for a more potent brain boosting combination. 

A word of warning for anyone looking to lose body fat while drinking Coffee with butter and MCT Oil is to remember that although the healthy fats like MCT oil will help with fat loss when attempting to lose weight but the same rules still apply. To lose weight you need to consume less calories than you require with your daily activity. This includes healthy calories from healthy fat sources like Coffee with butter and MCT Oil. So just make sure that you account for your bulletproof coffee calories if trying to lose weight and if you are trying to gain muscle, then adding a cup of Coffee with butter and MCT Oil a day might be a great way to add healthy calories to your diet. 

What can I expect from a cup of Coffee with butter and MCT Oil? Here are some of the benefits we have found with bulletproof coffee in our own experience.

  • A delicious and creamy way to increase your healthy fat intake
  • Clean energy source for your brain which can improve focus, memory, and overall performance
  • Prolong and enhance the beneficial effects of caffeine
  • Appetite suppressant

If you are at all interested in increasing healthy fat intake, optimising your brain for performance, or looking to get more from your standard cup of coffee maybe Coffee with butter and MCT Oil is for you. Give it a try and let us know what you think. 

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