How To Get Ripped For Summer

How To Get Ripped For Summer

Want to know how to get ripped this summer in time for the beach? Don't leave it too late to start making the changes to your nutrition and training which will help you get in to the best shape of your life. In this post we cover some basic changes you will need to make if you are wanting to shed body fat and preserve the lean muscle you worked so hard for. So if you have a beach holiday, photoshoot, or simply want to get ripped then keep reading. 

The goal of this time of Year when attention generally turns to looking good with minimal clothing is as simple as this; lose body fat without losing muscle mass. The temptation can be to make changes which are too severe and ultimately result in a messed up metabolism which assures you will gain a fair amount of fat when you inevitably stop bein so strict with your diet/training. This happens when someone either overly restricts or rapidly reduces calories and or increases cardio training too much. You will lose body fat, you will lose muscle, and you will be in a terrible mood. Not to mention your new super slow metabolism will be fat gain waiting to happen when you eat over 800 calories again. Don't fall in to this trap of diminishing returns, the best approach to getting ripped is one which reduces body fat but preserves muscle and therefore metabolism. Let us tell you how. 

Make Changes Slowly!

Our bodies do not like stress so when trying to gently convince our body to let go of that protective layer of body fat without any negative physical effects you need to make changes slowly. This step can not be overlooked in the pursuit of a ripped/lean physique, and this is why the more time you leave to get beach ready the better. Remember this key piece of information: The more muscle you lose, the harder it will be to lose fat.

Let me give you an example: You are currently eating 3000 calories a day and need to get ripped in 8 weeks (The minimum time you should spend losing body fat!). The smart decision would be to taper your calories down by 200-300 cals per week and monitor how you look in the mirror, this is the best way to preserve muscle and your metabolism. Panic dieting and reducing calories from 3,000 to 1,500 overnight and watch your muscle dissapear with nothing but the metabolism of a sloth to show for it. (Trust us, it sucks.) This also applies to cardio, small increases are the way to go and it is also safer to increase this without making a change to your calories. 

Takeaway: Plan ahead and make changes to your eating and training one at a time and slowly for best results.

Cut The Crap

Getting ripped will usually involve reducing your calories to place the body in a caloric deficit (eating less calories than we need to meet our energy demands) but we still want to be getting enough key nutrients from our foods to sustain lean tissue and more importantly our health! When calories get low it is important to get as much nutritional bang for your buck as possible from every calorie, hence eating that candy bar or those french fries isn't the best way to go even if you are still within your calorie allowance. To put it frankly, there are a long list of essential inclusions to your diet when trying to reduce body fat and you are doing yourself a disservice by thinking that a few sweets here or there won't hurt. Cutting the crap and making sure you are getting the maximum nutrient density from all of your calories is the BEST most and efficient way to lose body fat. 

This is also without going in to the fact that there are a ton of health harming chemicals in sugar rich snacks and that they a) Don't satisfy appetite, b) Cause too frequent spikes in insulin, and c) are neither helping you lose body fat or helping you retain muscle. With that being the case, these calories are best used elsewhere. 

If you are serious about getting ripped this summer do yourself a favour and cut the crap, you might unlock the door to the physique you have always desired. Now that sounds sweet doesn't it?

Keep Lifting

One of the temptations when it comes to getting ripped for Summer is to ditch the weights and start getting a little too friendly with cardio/endurance based training in FALSE hope that this will reduce all body fat and unveil the look you are after. Sure, doing a ton of cardio will make you smaller. But it will also burn every last ounce of muscle you have slowing your metabolism down in the first place. When trying to lose body fat it is key to keep our hormones working in our favour and this means lifting weights. As tempting as it may be, keep lifting weights and add in a little bit of cardio if your progress stalls. By holding on to your muscle mass you will make it a hell of a lot easier to burn fat with your elevated metabolism. 

Easy Does It

Getting ripped this summer doesn't have to be another promise you make to yourself which you don't deliver. There are tons of advanced strategies for getting ripped and ready for the beach but the basic tips above could get you a fair way to where you want to be. Give yourself enough time, make changes slowly, and eat a nutrient rich diet which will support your body in a time where you are putting it under strain (minor starvation). Think of it like this, you need to gently persuade your body to drop that fat, you can't force your body in to a crisis of no calories and massive amounts of exercise and expect results. 

Stay tuned for more posts about losing body fat but follow these simple principles and you might be surprised by the results.