How to Deal with Social Situations Whilst on a Diet

How to Deal with Social Situations Whilst on a Diet

That awkward feeling when your on a diet and things are going in the right direction and then someone invites you out for a meal or drinks. You start to panic at the thought of the questions if you pick the healthy option, drawing attention to your attempts to lose weight or improve what you eat.

But don't fear I myself have been playing this game for a long time and I have some strategies to help you deal with these social situations and I'm going to share them with you and save you from locking yourself in your room eating celery sticks with a smug but lonely feeling in the air. Because lets face it theres no point having a body to die for if there is no one to see it!

Be honest and open
If the thought of eating out with friends fills you with dread at the thought of their questions about your food choices or why your drinking vodka lime and soda rather than a barcardi breezer perhaps you should just be confidently honest. This take all of the pressure off of you and the worry about what people will think is 99% of the time worse than the reality of just saying "I am just trying to be a little healthier at the moment." Any real friends are not going to think anything bad of you, your going to bump in to a couple of 'haters' a long your journey but dont worry about that, its completely normal when someone is bettering themselves. The moral of the story is, maybe you shouldnt be carrying the burden on your back of "my secret diet", because its not, its only a change of choice and the more you build it up in your head the worse it will seem.

Offset your calories
If tip number one is too much for you right now then offsetting your calories is another fantastic strategy for dealing with the dreaded social situation. All this means is you are saving calories from other parts of your day or even your week to save up a buffer which allows you to let your hair down at the dreaded event and eat as you like. You can do this simply by reducing your portion sizes or what I like to do is to fast on the day of the event giving me a huge amount of calories I can consume, this takes a lot of the worry away from the event and people look puzzled as I gobble cheesecake while sporting a trimmer physique. However you choose to create a calorie buffer make sure you use this strategy as only a temporary tactic because fasting all day and eating junk at night can only last so long. So get back to normal after the event and keep on progressing!

Dont drink your calories
A lot of the damage done at social events when on a diet is through alcohol, so why not try not drinking? You will save your self loads of progress stalling empty calories and wont have a hangover in the morning. If you want to drink how about you go for the healthiest option possible, guzzling down the beers and fruit juice mixers is a sure fire way to over consume calories. What I like to do is drink vodka with lime and soda, it doesnt taste too bad and is a lot better on the waistline than other drinks.

Your diet or change of food choices doesnt need to alienate you from your friends, use these tips to deal with these social situations and still get the body you want!


Good luck!