How To Achieve Your Goals This Year

How To Achieve Your Goals This Year

How to achieve your goals this year- Do you ever look at people who seem to be constantly ticking off achievements, gaining momentum, and generally experiencing success in all areas of their lives and wonder how they do it? I have. Do you with each year that passes hold on to your goals without ever realising them only to find yourself setting the same goals a year later? Me too. Believe it or not this very website was something I put off for well over a year before finally taking control of my actions to move me closer to my goal.

Are you ready to find out how to achieve your goals this year or at least to start taking steps towards them? If you are then get ready to feel empowered, in control, and more happy than ever as you start taking positive steps to realising your true potential. It doesn't matter if these goals are financial, physical, emotional, material, or whatever, they are your goals and im assuming you want to achieve them. 

Its time to stop spinning your wheels and start moving forward. These three steps will help you.

1) Admit You Have A Goal

The first thing to do in the quest to achieve your goal is to actually admit that you have a goal. Maybe just to yourself or even better to the close people around you, otherwise it is all too simple to make excuses, let ourselves off, and generally pretend we are happy when we aren't. Only you can decide if you want to lose weight, to earn more money, to get a better job, or to buy that dream home, but without admitting that you have a goal in the first place, the chances of achieving it are much less!

So many people have goals which they never admit due to shame, embarassment, or fear of failure, but it is this denial of having a goal which makes it possible to stay in the same constant cycle without taking steps towards whatever it is you desire. This might be the easy way but it definitely isn't the best way if when you look inside yourself you have goals, wants, and needs which you ignore out of fear. 

So step one, what is your goal? Admit to yourself that you have this goal, accept that you have to take risks to achieve goals, and stop living in the safety of your own head where its so easy to just ignore and overlook your goals when the going gets tough. Once you admit you have a problem which you would like to change, or something you want in your life, it makes it much easier to work towards it. 

Note: I'm not saying that everyone needs a goal, just from my experience, most people have areas of their life they want to improve which they know they ignore and it is this mentality which can lead to tons of wasted potential and general feelings of helplessness. 

2) Start Taking Actions Which Move You Closer To Your Goal

Once you have admitted you have a goal to yourself you can start taking actions and making steps in the direction of said goal, its time to start making some real progress instead of repeating the same depressing cycle. Its up to you to work out what is going to move you closer to your goal and be as honest with yourself as you can! If the goal is to drop a dress size is the secret eating moving you towards that goal? What actions and behaviours will move you closer to the goal? Maybe you need to tell others about your goal to keep yourself accountable for your actions, this is highly individual. In my experience as long as you cab maintain self accountability there is nothing wrong with keeping a goal private as long as you admit it to yourself! Decide which approach works best for you, if you can't be honest with yourself maybe you need to tell others to keep yourself accountable and on track.

Maybe it will take some time to establish the best route to your goal, this is completely natural but once you know an action which can move you in the direction of your goal its time to make that move, this is progress! If you do not take this first step in the direction of your goal how could you ever expect to achieve it? Take the time to figure out any action which in your current situation would move you closer no matter how small and take it. In time one action will lead to another action and make positive actions 80% of the time and you will be moving towards your goal consistently. 

3) Stay Consistent

The key to reaching any goal is going to be consistency. Consistently sticking to a clean diet 80% of the time, consistently adding to the skillset required for your dream job, consistently saving money for that dream car, it doesn't matter which type of goal you have, the secret ingredient is consistency! There will be tough times, setbacks, and even total reassessment of your goals but if you can stay consistent 80% of the time you will adjust and carry on moving forwards. Keep this up long enough and you will bump in to your goal at some point. 

Once you know the types of actions and behaviours required for your goal aim to consistently maintain these behaviours 80% of the time and try not giving yourself a hard time and forgetting your goal after one bad day. Its keeping consistency in the face of 'life' that will determine whether or not you achieve the goal. 

Struggle with your consistency and find yourself falling off the wagon a few weeks in to your new behaviours? I guess you need to decide on how important the goal is to you and choose if you are willing to make the sacrifices and effort to be consistent enough to achieve it. If not maybe you need a more realistic goal, if yes then take the next easiest step towards your goal.

Make This Year Your Year

Achieve your goals this year, you don't need to simply dream or keep your goals secret out of fear of failure, are you happy living this way? If not apply these simple steps towards achieving your goals this year. If you stick to these foundations rigidly you will find yourself taking steps towards your goals or at least discovering your true goals! There will be setbacks and there will be failures, but the person focused on a goal simply chooses the next action towards their goal and moves forward. This attitude will find a way to get there because you want to get there. What do you really want? And what can you do today which moves you closer to that goal?

I believe in you.