Five Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Five Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Women should lift weights- Gone are the days when lifting weights was just for the guys with the ladies confined to slow and boring cardio machines. Lifting weights is fun, quick, and more effective at helping women reach their goals. It is a shame that more women don't lift weights through the fear of getting big and bulky so before I get started with the reasons why women should lift weights let me address that.

Women who lift weights regularly in the gym will NOT become muscular freaks overnight! This is simply not how it works, women do not have the testosterone present naturally to put on the muscle that guys do at the gym (infact 10-30x less!) so unless you are using steroids it is not a worry. Stop worrying about getting big and hit the weights to get the body you want. Here are five reasons women should be lifting weights:

You will burn more calories

Although slaving away on a piece of cardio equipment may burn more calories per 30 minutes of work at the gym once you stop so does the calorie burning. When you lift weights you slowly increase the amount of lean muscle that your body has which is great for fat burning. The more lean muscle you have the more calories your body burns at rest, meaning that women with more muscle mass will find it easier to burn fat without having to do any cardio at all. Using weights is a much more efficient way to burn more calories and therefore more body fat and where slow bouts of cardio will produce diminishing returns, lifting weights and adding lean muscle will boost your metabolism over the long term. 

You will build the body that you want

Women come to the gym to feel better and to build the body they want. This means a toned bum, arms, legs, and stomach which just doesn't happen with countless hours jogging on a treadmill or cruising on a cross trainer. Lifting weights and increasing the amount of lean muscle your body has will improve the areas you most want to change and leave you feeling better in your clothes and on the beach!

You will build stronger bones

Lifting weights is one of the best ways to increase bone mineral density (BMD) due to the increased demands placed on them by weight training. Osteoporosis is a disease which affects predominantly women but by lifting weights you can hugely decreases the risk. If this isn't enough of a motivation to hit the weights I don't know what is.

Being stronger is practical

Lifting weights will make you physically stronger which has several practical benefits. These benefits include making daily tasks like carrying groceries, doing the laundry, and pushing the kids around all day easier. On top of this women who lift weights typically see an at least 30% increase in overall strength reducing the risk of them getting injured in every day life which can only be a good thing. 

Lifting weights is fun

Lifting weights is much more fun than doing painfully boring slow cardio whilst you fixate on the time and calorie counter of the machine. Lifting weights is a challenge, there is plenty of variety, and it is more time efficient than other forms of exercise. You can do bodyweight, barbell, kettlebells, circuits, upper body, lower body, full body, etc meaning that the fun never stops along with the benefits!

Come on ladies, lift weights!

I hope these five reasons why women should lift weights will persuade you to ditch the soul destroying cardio in favour of more effective, challenging, and enjoyable weight training. The benefits are clear and whether you want to burn fat, tone up, or get healthier, lifting weights is a better way to achieve it than other forms of exercise. And with the added benefit of leaving you looking and feeling fantastic. The next time you are at your gym take a look at the girls with the best bodies and you will notice that their training is based around weight training.