Exercise On Holiday To Prevent Fat Gain

Exercise On Holiday To Prevent Fat Gain

Exercise On Holiday To Prevent Fat Gain- We spend all year round working out and eating healthy to get a beach body only to spend two weeks away drinking, eating, and hardly moving except between the sunlounger and the pool. The result of this is uneccessary fat gain and starting off from square one when we get home from our holidays, surely there has to be a better way?

We are still encouraging you to have a break from your pre holiday exercise and diet regime but a little bit of effort when you are away could prevent most of the damage and return you to home life not too far away from where you left off! Use these five quick tips to keep in shape on holiday and save yourself weeks of extra work when you get home.

Get Active Outdoors

Book yourself on to a hike, go climbing, try and walk to the nearest town, have a morning run on the beach, or swim in the sea! All of these outdoor activities will help you burn some of those extra calories you are consuming and keep your metabolism high without eating in to any of your sunshine time, use your imagination and try and be active while you are away! Every little helps.

Try A Hotel Room Workout

We have spent plenty of time on the road in the last couple of Years in Asia and Europe and gyms haven't always been anywhere near so we had to get creative with our exercise in hotel rooms, outdoors, in hostel showers, and even on overnight trains. Fitting in a short bit of exercise when you get the chance can keep your muscles active and tip the balance in favour of the leaner you. Try something new and different to make the most of the equipment you always have with you, your body. Here's some of our favourite hotel room moves to master while on holiday

  • Single leg squats
  • Burpees
  • Handstands against a wall
  • Towel Chin ups (using the hotel room door)
  • All types of crunch, plank, and sit up 

Hotel Gym? Use it!

Holidays aren't the time to be pushing yourself to the maximum or burning yourself in to the ground, it's a time to recharge and enjoy the fruits of your labour! But this doesn't mean a small amount of activity won't go a long way to keeping you physically and mentally balanced. Many hotels now have some pretty decent gyms within them now offering free usage to guests. If you have access to one why not make use of it? Twenty minutes out of your day isn't going to take a lot away from your holiday and the benefits will stave off unwanted fat gain and keep your mind fresh and energised.

When we are staying in hotels we like to use the gym three times a week for 20-40 minutes following no strict plan, just working out instinctively getting in and out as quickly as we can. By doing this we feel refreshed and maintain the body we worked hard for without investing too much of our time.

Swimming= A Fat Burning Machine

Swimming is an amazing calorie burner and metabolism booster, just what you need when you are being a bit more indulgent when on holiday. A pool is one of the best ways to exercise on holiday and still be sunning yourself in paradise and whats even better is that swimming burns more calories than jogging! Just 20-30 minutes of swimming (front crawl) is all you need to burn 200-300 calories and this could be even more if you use swim intervals to up the intensity! 

Try this: Two Lengths moderate pace, One length Full pace, One length slow pace, repeat 5-10 times. You will be a fat burning machine!

Every Little Helps

When you are on holiday it is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and spend time with family, friends, and loved ones but this doesn't mean you need to let go of the body you have worked hard for! Use some of these practical and simple pieces of holiday exercise advice to limit the damage, retain muscle, and even tone up even more without spending all of your holiday time in the gym! You won't regret it when you get home as lean as when you left for your holidays ready to reach new goals instead of having to lose the holiday pounds! Remember, every little helps.