Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Does Green tea help you lose weight? In a word yes! But before you start drinking 20 cups a day expecting all of your excess weight to fall off let me explain what within green tea can help you in the battle to lose weight. The key here is to rememeber that green tea can help you, but not make you lose weight. This being said it is a useful tool which is packed full of other amazing health benefits that make including it in your daily routine a great idea!

How does green tea help you lose weight?

Green tea can help you lose weight on three fronts and understanding these will help you use green tea to its full effect when trying to lose weight or to burn those last few pounds of stubborn body fat. There are hundreds of studies on this subject so if you want more indepth information on the subject then there is plenty of great resources to back up the fat burning claims of green tea. This is just a basic overview on how green tea can be helpful: 

Green tea contains caffeine

Green tea is rich in caffeine which although is in lower quantities than in a cup of coffee or an energy drink still has a noticeable stimulatory effect. This stimulant effect has been shown to aid in fat burning through a process called thermogenesis as well as increase exercise intensity. Caffeine has been used for years to help burn fat but use caution, over consumption of caffeine can lead to adrenal fatigue and sleep issues which is why green tea with its low to moderate caffeine content is a great replacement for coffee. Plus you should never drink energy drinks if you want to lose weight, the amount of sugar in these will never be counterbalanced by the ridiculously high caffeine content. Stick to green tea!

Green tea contains antioxidants which can boost your metabolism

The antioxidants in green tea boast many fantastic health benefits which make drinking green tea a health booster for almost everyone. One of the most relevant antioxidants called catechins is EGCG (long word) which has been linked to increasing metabolism. These increases which have been shown to be as high as a 4% increase in metabolism will mean that you burn more overall calories at rest making it easier to fall in to a calorie deficit and therefore lose weight. 

ECGC can help you break down more fat

This magic antioxidant in green tea is claimed to selectively burn more fat, sounds amazing doesn't it? This is due to ECGC's hormonal efffect on the nervous system which in simple terms tells fat cells to release stored fat in to the bloodstream for use as energy in your activities. The fact that ECGC leads to increased fat oxidisation means that you preferentially burn more fat without necessarily increasing your activity level which is a definite help in the quest to lose weight.

Green tea will HELP you to lose weight

The take away messege from this article is that green tea will help you to lose weight if you are following a healthy and active lifestyle. It isn't going to cause a body transformation or a miracle result but the science definitely supports the use of green tea as part of a weight loss diet. For best results I suggest both drinking the best green tea you can afford throughout the day (but not too close to bed) and also supplementing with supplemental green tea extract to increase the amount of the potent antioxidants in your bloodstream.