Buddhify 2: Mobile Meditation Guide (Our current favourite app)

Buddhify 2: Mobile Meditation Guide

We here at PowerBodyMind have always understood the importance of taking the time to look after our internal mental well being. This is why we keenly promote and encourage gratitude and at some level meditation as an integral part of finding the balance in life. It is by using such techniques along with exercising the body and eating a diet based around healthy vitality supporting foods that we believe creates the foundation for a long and happy life.

In our modern day hectic lifestlyes even with the best intentions to take time to meditate it can be difficult to find the time or place to meditate in the traditional sense. Due to this we always sought for a way to fit in the important meditation, mindfullness, and grounding techniques used by top performers and zen masters in to our daily life. We have tried many guides to do this including books, podcasts, and apps but only one has stood up to our daily routine and come out the other side as an app we use every day.

Enter Buddhify 2: mindfulness & meditation for modern life. We have been trialing the app for a couple of months now and love the impact it has had on our meditation habits, you have to check it out if you have any interest in getting in to or using mediation in your life!

What Is The Buddhify 2 App?

Heres how the developers of Buddhify describe the app: "This award-winning mindfulness has over 80 guided meditations custom-made for wherever you are and whatever you’re doing – traveling, at work, at home, going to sleep and much more. All for the price of a cup of coffee and with no hidden extra charges."  

Here are the features:

  • 80+ meditations for all parts of your day. 
  • Made by experts in modern mindfulness. 
  • Stats & graphs to track your progress. 
  • Solo timer when you want to go it alone.
  • Multiple voices to guide you along.

(Check the video above for a glimpse at how the app works!)

What We Thought Of Buddhify 2

We found that with the Buddhify App installed on our phone and tablet that we were able to find time to meditate in all types of situation from on a train, while driving, when stressed at home, and even when taking a walk. We love that there are several guided meditations for practically any situation meaning that you can find time in your day to get it in when you dont have the time for more traditional meditation practice.

Another great feature is the ability to track your progress using a very simple scoring system to measure how you feel after each meditation and keep track of how long, and how many consecutive days you have meditated, adding a great motivational element to the act of changing your habits. The ease of use and polished design of Buddhify 2 only further enhance in our opinion the most well thought out and produced meditation app for the masses. So whether you have experience meditating and want to expand that outside of the usual confides or whether you have zero experience and don't know where to start Buddhify is the perfect app which will keep you busy for ages! 

You can download Buddhify 2: mindfulness & meditation for modern life for Apple or Android devices for the grand sum of £1.99 ($2.99) which from our experience is a bargain for anyone interested in giving meditation a try!